Plant a tree in Africa when you book a holiday at Andrewshayes


A quick look at the photographs of Andrewshayes, near Axminster in Devon, and you will see that the site is lucky enough to be in one of greenest parts of the UK. Planting trees has always been a passion of the park owners and all over the site you will find examples of this.

With the help of a Forestry Commission Grant in 2004 an area on site was planted with hundreds of native trees and shrubs that has now become a beautiful woodland walk. In 2019 one of the park owners became aware of a local charity called The Word Forest Organisation, based in Lyme Regis. The work this charity does is focused on Kenya and they raise money for trees to be planted in rural communities in East Africa.

Evidence shows that trees are needed by our planet to halt climate change and in this part of sub-Saharan Africa, trees can grow quickly. At the Word Forest Organisation sites, the trees are raised in nurseries then planted and looked after by the local people. The charity along with local employees, finds locations where they will be of use such as near schools or community centres, providing much needed shade and fruit that can be eaten or sold.

Despite the owners of Andrewshayes' best efforts planting a range of trees in the UK, the trees grow very slowly in comparison. 15-year-old trees in the woods in Devon are about the same size as trees planted five years ago in Kenya. That’s a big difference. So in terms of benefit to the environment there is a clear winner.

Doing everything they can at Andrewshayes to be carbon neutral and to encourage wildlife is a big deal for the owners of the site. They are however running out of places to plant trees! Instead they have donated 40 trees to be planted in Kenya and are now are offering visitors the chance to offset the carbon from their journey to the site.

For the cost of a cup of coffee, just £2.50, your donation will plant a tree in Africa providing shade, fruit for years to come, employment and crucially help to strip carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

When you book online there will be the option of adding a tree when you check out. If you call to book over the phone you can request that a tree is added to your final invoice as well. There is also a collection box in the office for loose change. With customer donations the site can contribute to the future of these projects and money raised by the park will help enable more trees to be planted in the future.

For more information on The Word Forest Organisation, click here.

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